In Ayurveda, the juncture of the Winter and Spring seasons is an important time for self care. During Winter, in order to combat dryness, our bodies create mucus to coat and protect. As the earth warms, so does our body and the mucus begins to “melt”.

This is the time to align with Nature and reset our digestive system so that it can help to eliminate this waste thereby helping us to avoid sluggishness, allergies, asthma, dullness in your mind and slow digestion, among other complaints. We do this through a mono-diet of kitchari, rest, and through daily cleansing practices and self-care rituals including meditation, dinacharya, pranayama, and mindful eating.

Kitchari is a stew of rice, legume, vegetables and spice. It is nutritious and incredibly easy for the body to digest allowing the digestive system to rest and digest toxins.

Join Karla Dixon for a 3-day reset from June 12 – June 15. This guided course will support you on the journey.